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The Laser Dreams Laser Light Show studio is now located in Santa Rosa, CA in the North San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a complete line of laser light show services. We provide laser lighting from small venues to the largest. I provide contract work to other light show companies either locally or visitors from out of the area. I personally have over 34 years of laser experience. I started doing laser shows in 1978 with Argon Ion, He-Cd's and He-Ne's.

Now its all about the laser diode. Laser Dreams is staying in the lead with innovations using the newest Blue and Red laser diodes. I am now making custom laser packages for your specific needs. 1-15 watts of 445nm and 500mw to 4 watts of 638nm by combining several lasers to make a single laser beam with mirrors, optics, and polorizing cubes.

Craig Charbonneau's Laser Company can provide the following:

Over 35 Years Personal Laser Experience!
Founding Member of ILDA
Just 50 Miles North of San Francisco in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country.

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The new 15w RGB Laser Projector optics. 4x 1.5W @445nm, 4x 1.5w @650nm, 3.5w @532nm


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L a s e r   D r e a m s

Laser Light Shows

P.O. Box 773
Kenwood, CA 95452
(707) 321-4780 Mobile#

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